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Competitor Contracts

If you are receiving service from any of the national companies
you most likely have a contract!

  You may not have signed it, it could have been signed by a previous owner or another associate. There is a contract and they will only show it to you upon request.

Here is the kicker - the contract has an Auto Renewal Clause - it continues to renew unless you give them a "Certified letter stating" that you wish to discontinue or go month to month at the end of the contract term.

Rental Service companies use this to "lock you in to their service." When you find out they have raised your rates, considerably and you wish to make a change, out comes the contract, they will lower your rates provided you sign another contract. Weeks or months later your prices are again escalated.

How to Stop the Cycle:

1 - Request a copy of your contract
2 - Give written notice (via certified letter) that you do not wish for the contract to renew. This does not stop you from staying with your current supplier if you wish to do so. It does, however, give you the flexibility to do business with the company that you want. It gives you control over pricing and service!
3 - Call Shiners Business Services for a user friendly experience.

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