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How does the service work?

1 - CONTACT SHINERS: we will come to your facility, answer your questions, determine your product requirements and placement locations, establish service frequency (most customers go with a weekly service), and formalize our agreement.  
2 - INITIAL SET-UP: we place the items at their designated locations. Where required, collection containers are placed for dirty items.  
3 - DELIVERIES: the same day each week we replace dirty items with freshly laundered product, except when holidays or weather conditions require scheduling adjustments.  
4 - INVOICING: you will be invoiced monthly.
5 - CHANGING NEEDS: we understand that needs can change. We will work with you to address your need changes.  
6 - CANCELATION: unless custom product is produced for you, the service is on a month-to-month basis. You may cancel the service at any time with a 30 day notice.

Many rental companies require you to sign sophisticated contracts which allow for price increases and service charges, and automatically renew at the end of the contract term unless you adhere to very specific requirements.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to stop an automatically renewing contract:

1 - Request a copy of your contract.
2 - Give written notice (via certified letter) that you do not wish for the contract to renew. This does not stop you from staying with your current supplier if you wish to do so. It does, however, give you the flexibility to do business with the company that you choose. It gives you control over pricing and service.
3 - Call Shiners Business Services for a user friendly experience.

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